3rd External Swiftlet Sound downloads !!

Sound Name : CLK5Stars

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Zaini said...

saya ingintahu berapa jenis suara yang perlu kita set kan dalam RBW ?
harap swiftletHacks dapat bantu?

pesa09 said...

The most critical will be the exact location where the tweeters for the colony sound be situated and where the piyik (baby sound) be installed.

The best will be to have the colony sound to be at the perimeter of the colony area while the piyik at the center.

A proper copper cables with strong signal carrying capability must be purchased to do a good work.

Latest that I was warned about is to use not more then 25 tweeters per cable length. Once the tweeter exceed the number, the signal received by those few tweeters, located at the far end of the cable, will be very faint or no signal at all.

If my tweeters are incomporated with those capacitors, I need to make sure that the attachment to the copper cable are on the right side always. Any mistakes in these cable connection, will cause the sound to be poor in quality and defeat the purpose of a proper installation. I will ensure that every connection need to check and certified that they are done in accordance to this special guideline.

As for the amplifier, they are set to be delivered this weekend and I have choosen five units. They will those recommended to give a crystal clear sound and have a one year warranty of any failures. All will have both the memory card, thumb drive and external CD player attachment.

(Taken from http://swiftletfarming.blogspot.com)

Zaini said...

saya sudah lawat- ehm swiftletHacks boleh upload koleksi harry swiftlet yang swiftlethacks ada untuk di download??

calvin said...

any new power full sound ?

chiong said...

This is only applicable to piezo tweeters of the capacitive type. The coil type needs different handling.

This is based on load distribution. If you only parallel all the tweeters the impedance or resistance to the electrical signal increases and thus less energy gets transfered.

You can string more tweeters per cable if you combine serial / parallel connection. It can look something like this :

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

+input -input

[] = capacitive tweeters.

*** design key ***

4 serial in 4 parallel is equivalent to 1 tweeter load and the amp will be able to drive it well.

Eric said...

Dera SwiftletHacks,

Thank you for sharing the external sound unconditonally. However,the 3rd external sound cannot be downloaded. Wonder if there are other sounds available for sharing with all the newbies?


yong said...

canot download....